About FSA


    • To become an international institution par excellence of trainings, studies, and researches on contemporary foreign affairs discourses and diplomatic skills, knowledge and wisdom.
    • To become a platform of global standing for exchange of ideas among diplomats, experts, and intelligentsia in areas of diplomacy and foreign affairs in pursuit of ‘Friendship to All, Malice towards None’- the philosophical basis of Bangladesh foreign policy.


  • To help build a patriotic, competent and professional foreign service for Bangladesh that can continue to ably serve the country by protecting and promoting her interests and securing her a place as a capable and responsible member in the comity of sovereign nations.
  • To create an enabling environment for learning and practicing diplomatic knowledge and skills through indigenously innovative and internationally standard methodologies of trainings and simulations.
  • To act as a platform of a pool of experts and practitioners in diplomacy and foreign affairs discourses, with particular aim to promote the core values of Bangladesh’s War of Liberation of 1971 (as enumerated in her constitution) for the benefits of the members of Bangladesh Foreign Service.

Creed & Values

  • Together peace be built, together security be ensured.
  • Friendship among nations is the imperative to prosperity of humankind.
  • Cooperation with non-state stakeholders accelerates global peace, progress and prosperity.
  • Diplomacy is the conduit to global peace, solidarity and security.
  • Professionalism in diplomacy requires practices of excellences, ethics and dignity.