Specialized Diplomatic Training Course

The Course

The Academy conducts Specialized Diplomatic Training Course (SDTC) for the newly recruited officers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh. This diplomatic foundation course encompasses modules of a wide range of topics which include, but not limited to, the following :

  • Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  • Bangladesh Foreign Relations
  • International Law
  • Bangladesh Studies
  • Economics and International Trade
  • Diplomacy & Security
  • Blue Economy and Maritime Security
  • Neighbourhood Diplomacy and Connectivity
  • Diplomatic Negotiation with Simulations
  • Multilateralism in Diplomacy and International & Regional Organizations
  • Office Administration and Financial Management
  • Life Skills Improvement

The training course is usually 9-month long. Each lecture session is usually of 120 minutes including Q&A sessions (with a break of 15 minutes). Necessary reading materials are provided before/during the lectures. Objective analysis and perception of multiple facts of a given problem are duly emphasized in the discussions. To supplement the lectures, audio-visual equipment, charts and maps are made available in the classrooms. Appropriate videos on diplomacy and course related themes are also shown.

In addition, lecture series on issues of national and international importance are delivered by experienced and renowned scholars, specialists and eminent personalities. Former Ambassadors and high government Officers, academicians, distinguished authors and eminent persons from civil society conduct sessions and share their invaluable insights and experiences.

Emphasis are particularly given on theme-based paper presentations, book reviews (with presentations), debates in order to create opportunities for the trainees to learn and practice diplomatic negotiation and public speaking skills.

STDC trainees are also kept attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while international seminars, workshops and conferences are arranged in Dhaka – this allows them to learn hands-on how to organize similar events.

Social events like Mess Nights, Evening Teas/High Teas are arranged at the Academy occasionally with participation of invited guests. This allows the trainees on-hands exposures on how to organize diplomatic events.

Study tours inside and outside the country during the course are also organized.