The Academy has a dormitory of high standard and aims to provide a comfortable living to trainees during their course.

Modest accommodation for the trainee officers of foundation training is arranged in the Academy premises. Courses like SDTC (specialized diplomatic training course) are considered compulsorily residential. Rooms are allotted to the trainees for duration of the course period. Allocation of rooms is periodically revised in order to promote team spirit and camaraderie.

Common Room
Common room at the dormitory is equipped with TV, indoor-sports facilities and other amenities required for trainees.

The Academy has a proper dining space equipped with all amenities for all types of formal and non-formal occasions. It manages a team of chef and cooking staff capable of catering meals on all occasions, in addition to daily preparation of meals for the trainees.

Trainees, officers, and the staff members are strictly required to follow the dining etiquette and manner.

Sports facilities
The academy stresses on the physical wellbeing of its trainee officers. There are facilities for playing outdoor sports like badminton, volleyball. Indoor activities like table tennis and carom are also available.

Some theoretical sessions on physical exercises, healthy living or well-being and topics alike are often arranged.

The gym of the Academy is equipped with necessary apparatus to meet the need of the trainees and faculty members.